While the smartphone has become a self-evident and indispensable tool for the majority of people, it remains unaffordable for the homeless. As long as they don’t have access to it, they remain a bit more excluded from the rest of society.
The smartphone can be a piece of the puzzle for integrating homeless people into society, giving them the opportunity to exchange information anonymously online – without being reduced to their outward appearance. The smartphone gives them the chance to make appointments, find out about counseling centers, in other words, to be able to organize themselves more independently and autonomously.
The tec_kit consists of a waterproof bag, a donated smartphone, a charging cable, sometimes also with headphones or a powerbank and always the TecKit Map. On this, useful information on how to use the smartphone is described. For example, recommendations for cheap prepaid cards are given, but also information is provided for all people who want to learn more about homelessness. Among other things, it encourages people to listen to and watch podcasts or documentaries, which also provide assistance as to which offers can be useful and when.
On the back of the TecKit Map is a city map of Braunschweig with useful contact points as well as cafés that provide access to electricity and WLAN. The TecKit Map is not only part of the TecKit, but is also available in cooperating cafés.