sand to sand is an interactive format that offers an opportunity to take a closer look at the second most consumed resource in the world.
At a table with two chairs – a kind of „sandbox“ – individual buildings can be created with a limited amount of sand and various tools. Each new construction requires demolition and involves recycling sand that has already been used. Modeling with sand makes it possible to experience how the world deals with this resource in a figurative sense and opens up the possibility of a change of perspective through which future construction can be understood as part of a sustainable circular economy.
The background to this is the worldwide scarcity of sand as a resource, which is contained as a mass raw material in numerous industrial products. In the construction industry in particular, sand is processed as an important component of glass, concrete and asphalt in almost inconceivable quantities, while at the same time the immense extraction of sand has serious ecological and social consequences. ecological and social consequences. A sustainable alternative to the massive consumption of the raw material in the construction industry is seen in the reuse of already used materials such as recycled concrete.